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1. 15th Anniversary Supplement.

2. First Known Use of Cannot 15th century, …

3. The March 15th Palestine account also reported:

4. Arjelo's novel vividly recreates 15th-century Spain.

5. Ephesus was completely abandoned by the 15th century.

6. 10 Outgoing flights are booked until January 15th.

7. Ballads developed from 14th and 15th-century minstrelsy

8. Bezant (sense 2) dates from the late 15th century

9. Bathurst at Mount Panorama Circuit on October 15th, 2020

10. Ajaccio offers fireworks for July 14th and August 15th

11. Museum Lot Manuscript Music/ Antiphonals 15th to 17th C

12. Once on April 15th and again on April 19th.

13. In 1949, Qin commanded the 4th Army’s 15th Corps.

14. In the early 15th century Golden Horde was further partitioned.

15. The Sō clan governed Tsushima until the late 15th century.

16. Arterian 3600 15th Ave W Ste 300 Seattle WA 98119

17. In 15th-century Italy, artists rediscovered the rules of perspective.

18. Centennial is ranked as the 15th safest city in the country

19. The first known use of Bedight was in the 15th century

20. The first known use of Barrator was in the 15th century

21. The first known use of Accepter was in the 15th century

22. Universities also spread throughout Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries.

23. Many local leaders, known as aji, appeared in the 15th century.

24. Brigandines All Brigandines are hand made following 15th styles and designs

25. The first known use of Authoress was in the 15th century

26. Several months later, the unit was redesignated the 15th Fighter Group.

27. By the 15th century, Beijing had essentially taken its current shape.

28. The first known use of Cogitable was in the 15th century

29. Chrysanthemums were cultivated in China as early as 15th century B.C

30. Blockhouses seem to have come into use in the 15th cent

31. The hArquebus was invented in Spain in the mid-15th century

32. At 15th level, the Bloodless may select three modifications each day

33. The suction pump later reappeared in Europe from the 15th century.

34. Joe's trying to possess the precinct, ship me off to the 15th.

35. Counterparts is the band’s 15th studio album, released on October 19, 1993.

36. Bens National Office 1030 15th Street NW, Suite 200 East Washington, D.C

37. Bascinets like this were worn all over Europe during the 15th century

38. Brome An apartment at the University of Minnesota on University and 15th

39. Brigandines [Back to Main Armour Page] [Brigandine Info Page] Mid-15th Brigandine

40. It was defended by the 15th and the 19th Waffen-SS divisions.

41. He said half the cops in the 15th are in his pocket.

42. Tyler was past his seventieth birthday when his 15th child was born.

43. In the 15th century, the Cetinski branch of Frankopan family was formed.

44. Late 15th century from late Latin Arbitralis, from arbiter ‘judge, supreme ruler’.

45. We'll deliver them to the boat on the 15th of next month.

46. It probably originated in the 15th century, after the Christianization of Lithuania.

47. As the 15th Chesty to serve as the Marine Corps’ unofficial mascot, he

48. The engineers on the 15th floor have stopped working on their particle machine.

49. The phrase “Chink in one’s armor” has been used since the 15th century

50. III, whom she Blessingly & appropriately shared the same birthdate on January 15th