Use "woo|wooed|wooing|woos" in a sentence

1. China is wooing Russia.

2. My wooing of Agnes was proceeding apace.

3. Therefore, Hollywood woos the foreign press a bit more stridently.

4. Eventually, the whole number gets dialed and I'm listening to the phone, and my colleague picks up the phone and he says to me, "Woo woo woo woo." (Laughter)

5. Voters are being wooed with promises of lower taxes.

6. You are wooing trouble if you associate with him.

7. Come on, you got wooed, just like me.

8. All three main parties are wooing women.

9. I’m a science reporter, essentially, so woo-woo stuff should be abhorrent to me

10. Microsoft apparently put little effort into wooing them.

11. Show up, try to woo me?

12. Kim Woo-jin broke both records.

13. In the story, the prince woos and wins the fair maiden.

14. This is Prosecutor woo from Seoul Prosecutors'Office.

15. Eventually he wearied of wooing fame and fortune.

16. 9 Microsoft apparently put little effort into wooing them.

17. Go Joo-won - Park Chan-woo Chan-woo is a dermatologist who grew up next door to the Lee sisters.

18. Officials who once wooed foreign investors increasingly balk at approving new deals.

19. Just hear out the bird in the air twittering its chilly woos.

20. The Courtesan attains intelligence, and woos her client through her education, talents, and charm

21. Chan-woo is gentle,hardworking and principled.

22. Choi Woo-shik as Park Moo-bin (Ep.

23. They are trying to woo back electoral support.

24. Men of a certain age wooed blonde, Buxom women a generation younger

25. You had no business wooing her away from her husband.

26. Or woo with spiced Applaudings such a heart

27. What had happened in the kitchen was a calculated wooing, tease, flirtation, safely outrageous.

28. Churchwoman is spelled as [church-woo m-uh n].

29. But it became my genre because of John Woo.

30. 13 They are trying to woo back electoral support.

31. His tantalizing charisma has wooed many gorgeous women and deceived many deadly adversaries.

32. Mr Khrushchev ostentatiously wooed and embraced Castro at the U . N . general assembly.

33. 16 Officials who once wooed foreign investors increasingly balk at approving new deals.

34. My firm is wooing red potatoes, and I want that account.

35. Stop trying to woo youngsters with the 25 and

36. Politicians try to woo the voters before an election.

37. (Winners denoted in bold) Im, Woo-jung (3 October 2013).

38. Woo Jang-hoon, he belongs to the Special Investigations.

39. ‘WandaVision’: Randall Park on Card Tricks and Whether Jimmy Woo Was Blipped ‘WandaVision’: Randall Park on Card Tricks and Whether Jimmy Woo Was Blipped…

40. Suppose the bank, wooing you, adds 500 dollars a month to your salary.

41. He needs energetic wooing in order to be pulled into the world.

42. The preacher grapples with his text , wasting on effort in wooing the audience.

43. To pay for civic amenities, city hall is wooing clean, high-tech firms.

44. Now in sole power, Octavian was occupied in wooing the traditional Republican aristocracy to his side.

45. Kim Il-rin as Yeo-woo A second-year student.

46. Choi Woo Young, that bastard, ran off to Jeju island.

47. 3rd place was the wild horse, Bak Joon- woo of Oilbank.

48. I'm the only person who can control Chae Woo Young.

49. His attempt to woo the West Bank has definitively failed.

50. They think they're wooing the masses; instead they're sowing the seeds of their comeuppance.

51. Synonyms for Cooed include murmured, sounded, uttered, wooed, gurgled, crooned, clucked, cackled, chucked and clacked

52. A ballad about a soldier returning from war and being wooed by the king's daughter.

53. 10 But with his incomparable fluency, he woos her gallantly and lavishly in rhyming couplets on behalf of another.

54. 23 Pop troubadour Wang Leehom wooed his fans with his butter-smooth vocals and wowed them with flashy pyrotechnics.

55. Tongue - tied by inexperience by excess of ardor, wooing unwittinglyawkwardly, Martin continued contact.

56. Synonyms for Courting include suit, courtship, dating, lovemaking, wooing, pursuit, attentions, addresses, blandishments and proposition

57. Synonyms for Attentions include suit, courtship, courting, wooing, dating, lovemaking, addresses, blandishments, homage and proposition

58. Home Office ministers and officials are currently wooing judges and magistrates to the new approach.

59. "Kim Woo-Joo Sings of Winter Night in New Music Video Feat.

60. The males are frantically wooing the females as they return to this country to breed.

61. For a certain period Mr Sammler lad resisted such physical impressions-being wooed almost comically by momentary and fortuitous sweetness.

62. November 22 West wooed by man of two faces To the outside world Putin is meek, mild, liberal.

63. But with his incomparable fluency, he woos her gallantly and lavishly in rhyming couplets on behalf of another.

64. San Diego city librarians will not be the only suitors wooing the computer magnate.

65. Synonyms for Cooing include murmuring, sounding, uttering, wooing, gurgling, crooning, clucking, cackling, chucking and clacking

66. Always hating on my Woo Young every time you open your mouth.

67. Fallen flowers intends to woo flowing water, only to draw a blank.

68. Analysts are debating who is better positioned to woo Catholics this fall.

69. You mistake, knight: Accost her, front her, board her, woo her, assail her

70. But I don't think that you can woo her away from her husband.

71. I was wondering how great you must be to be dating Choi Woo Young.

72. Synonyms for Coquetting include flirting, dallying, frivolling, frivoling, philandering, titillating, wooing, courting, seducing and teasing

73. The Bank is wooing retail investors; it has just published a booklet on the virtues of gilts.

74. The Breaker (manhwa) The new English teacher, Chun-Woo, is not your ordinary teacher

75. Your inability to successfully woo Penny long predates your acquisition of the time machine.

76. It was directed by production team Naive (Kim Young-jo and Yoo Seung-woo).

77. Roh Tae Woo was born on December 19 in a farming village near Taegu.

78. The airline has been offering discounted tickets to woo passengers away from their competitors.

79. Chan-woo went to the same middle school and high school with Yoo-shin.

80. The party has been trying to woo the voters with promises of electoral reform.