Use "won his heart|win his heart" in a sentence

1. It was his ingenuous smile that won Deborah's heart.

2. His heart swelled up when he learned that he had won the prize.

3. Showing his true heart.

4. His heart beat erratically.

5. His heart is drumming.

6. What about his heart?

7. He put his hand on his heart.

8. His heart thudded madly against his ribs.

9. You have won my heart.

10. His heart is basically sound.

11. Practically heard his heart snap.

12. His heart muscle's half dead.

13. Immediately his heart rate increased.

14. His speciality is heart surgery.

15. His heart bounded with excitement.

16. Her tears melted his heart.

17. His heart was beating wildly.

18. And as his heart hardened, his spark darkened,

19. She loved his brilliance and his generous heart.

20. You have wrenched his heart.

21. A tumor in his heart.

22. His heart was still beating.

23. He felt his heart thumping inside his chest.

24. The antiretrovirals could fry his heart, his liver, his kidneys.

25. He had unknowingly engaged his heart to his foe.

26. He spun round, his heart thumping against his ribs.

27. Did she usurp his place in his mother's heart?

28. His heart bumped in his breast with frightening loudness.

29. He outtold all his secrets in his inmost heart.

30. Does a Pharaoh harden his heart against his son?

31. 3 His heart was beating wildly.

32. The unspeakable anguish wrung his heart.

33. It's crushing his heart and lungs.

34. His heart looks a little enlarged.

35. Her trusting smile melted his heart.

36. Or bacteria lunching on his heart.

37. “His wives gradually inclined his heart . . . to follow other gods.”

38. 25 His heart , that loved and pitied, is a heart of unchangeable tenderness.

39. His Word says that we thereby make his “heart rejoice.”

40. He opened his heart, welcoming people with his affable personality.

41. We gotta get his heart rate down.

42. The doctors struggled to restart his heart.

43. His heart ached for the starving homeless.

44. You burrow and rankle in his heart!

45. His reproachful gage speared into my heart.

46. Yet, Judas did not guard his heart.

47. The actor knows his lines by heart.

48. His, disloyalty stabbed me to the heart.

49. His heart burned with longing for revenge.

50. I wanted to make his heart rejoice.

51. His ingratitude cut me to the heart.

52. The mouth of a wise man is in his heart; the heart of a fool is in his mouth. 

53. His heart beat Apitpat with every smile she flashed his way

54. She felt his breathing quicken and the beat of his heart.

55. There's a pellet close to his heart, lodged in his pericardium.

56. His coronary artery was cut, so his heart burst right away.

57. His heart was thumping and his mind was a complete blank.

58. His going, his abruptness. Have brought along the gigantic heart disease.

59. And I will speak to win her heart.

60. 3 Faint heart never won fair lady. 

61. " His name is Cy... Oh, my heart trembles. "

62. Because of desires buried deep in his heart.

63. His remarks struck a tremble into her heart.

64. His heart was filled with longing for Cynthia.

65. This hot weather disagrees with his heart disease.

66. His heart throbbed after he mounted the hill.

67. The doctor discovered that his heart was diseased.

68. His old heart was rusting away in there.

69. ♫ But his heart, just like laurel ♫

70. Her words struck a chill in his heart.

71. His heart was finally stirred by her remarks.

72. Her heart was deeply harrowed by his leaving.

73. ‘As He Has Resolved in His Own Heart’

74. We missed some affected cells in his heart.

75. And-guess what-his flinty heart is melted.

76. The patient had/underwent surgery on his heart.

77. His heart was beating Agitatedly, as if sharing his sense of foreboding

78. The political punter, though, bets more with his heart than his head.

79. His heart was beating agitatedly, as if sharing his sense of foreboding.

80. 17 His net asset is still 2 dollar, his heart is palpitating.