Use "witticism|witticisms" in a sentence

1. He Cachinnates at her mildest witticism.

2. His witticism was as sharp as a marble.

3. Both doctor and Don smiled at this witticism.

4. He tries to lighten his lectures with an occasional witticism.

5. He thought his witticisms were amusing but found her response too extravagant.

6. A few of its witticisms are unnecessarily provocative and should be censored.

7. Witticisms, maxims, dicta, proverbs, and aphorisms each inhabit a different world.

8. At Sketch-Club meetings his witticisms were regarded as part of the fun.

9. Intelligence, witticism and good looks are each an example of an Attribution.

10. Synonyms for Boffolas include jokes, jests, gags, quips, witticisms, wisecracks, crack, joshes, funnies and japes

11. Synonyms for Boffola include joke, jest, gag, quip, witticism, wisecrack, crack, josh, funny and jape

12. Synonyms for Amphibology include pun, quip, equivoque, paronomasia, witticism, calembour, innuendo, wordplay, carriwitchet and clench

13. Once in a while, after witticism, he would look down, and his eyes would meet hers.

14. All jests aside, we're in big trouble. A witticism is a witty, usually cleverly phrased remark.

15. She could never think of a clever retort to counter Ben's string of jokes and witticisms.

16. The pace of television favours simplifications, generalised statements, witticisms, and short sharp judgements on artists' performances.

17. Its name comes from the witticism that there’s nothing on the map there but a Crease

18. His literary style was plain and factual, without witticisms or flourishes, and his character seems similar.

19. I smiled obediently at this never-before-heard witticism, and followed him to a tank of Koi.

20. Antonyms for Banality include epigram, witticism, coinage, nuance, original saying, quip, joke, jest, wisecrack and gag

21. Aggadah (Hebrew, narrative) is rabbinic teaching which is not halakhah and which stories, legends, history, and witticism

22. Cuba aroma naupathia witticism anisotropically tiercels rumormonger chocolate arbitrement Bilineated Well-groomed unvindictive bee diphthongation crowing hang-up anti-Austrian scolders red-eye

23. These are ways of saying something - metaphors, witticisms, allocutions, etc. - which are appropriate in one or another sphere of associative life.

24. Even more brilliantly — and Affectingly — they’ve constructed a world between them, an airy, reality-adjacent universe conjured in billowing clouds of witticisms, idle observations, passive

25. The paper added some rough witticism, and informed the nobleman that his 'Assiduities' would be ineffectual, saying that 'the lady, with true Yankee shrewdness, accepts all offerings at her shrine, but confers no favors in return.' The Continental Monthly, Vol

26. The careless and ungodly emboldened by the position of religious teachers, resorted to opprobrious epithets, to base and blasphemous witticisms, in their efforts to heap Contumely upon him and his work.: Los indiferentes y los impíos, alentados por la actitud de los maestros de