Use "withstand|withstanding|withstands|withstood" in a sentence

1. But Jason withstood the fearful creatures as a great rock in the sea withstands the waves.

2. This coat withstands hard wear.

3. We have withstood internship accompany setbacks, but also withstood the joy!

4. It withstood the great earthquake.

5. Axle loadings and stressing withstood

6. She withstood several challenges to her leadership.

7. They had withstood siege, hunger and deprivation.

8. It may also mean withstanding adversity and temptation.

9. His alibi would not have withstood cross - examination .

10. 7 They had withstood siege, hunger and deprivation.

11. Our troops withstood the onset of the enemy.

12. They have withstood heavy bombardment for many months.

13. Capable of withstanding the effects of a crash: Crashworthy cars.

14. My tests showed that the hooks and loops withstood my pulling.

15. The ordinary prudent man standard was applied not withstanding.

16. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments – has withstood the test of time

17. Like an iron bastion, the dam withstood the rushing floodwaters.

18. Love, only love, in the welkin, is abiding and withstanding .

19. The bridge withstood the force of the flood and this load.

20. Bilateral friendship had withstood severe challenges and enjoyed a firm basis.

21. Those who have triumphantly withstood such strains may brand his name.

22. Established scientific theories have withstood rigorous scrutiny and embody scientific knowledge.

23. He flinched but withstood the glare and held Lee's steady gaze.

24. The stress it withstands is in excess of 10,000 pounds per square inch.

25. And yet he withstood the urge of self-annihilation never again contemplating suicide.

26. Pat Buchanan not withstanding, trade is booming more than ever before.

27. Will They Withstand the “Fire”?

28. The Chuppah was beautiful and withstood the breezy weather with no issues

29. The cable has the characteristic withstanding water, oil, sunshine , mice and termite.

30. The outnumbered Americans withdrew but withstood a prolonged Siege of Fort Erie.

31. But who can withstand jealousy?

32. What does Crashworthy mean? Capable of withstanding the effects of a crash

33. - the cartons must be capable of withstanding arduous conditions during the voyage

34. Some skepticism from Summerlee not withstanding, the station has already yielded useful insights.

35. I couldn't withstand the murderous heat.

36. The game was real physical, but we withstood everything they brought at us.

37. The sensor array withstands harsh environmental conditions and adapts to irregular surfaces on the crane.

38. Not withstanding the arbitrary demands of the Tokugawa, domains enjoyed a certain amount of autonomy.

39. Synonyms for Braved include took, endured, tolerated, beared, suffered, withstood, faced, stood, underwent and confronted

40. You won't be able to withstand them.

41. Called Barroom plant because of its ability to withstand spittoonish conditions, iron plant due to its ability to withstand neglect

42. The accelerometer shall be capable of withstanding a maximum acceleration of # g without damage

43. It can withstand a 400G shock.

44. Not withstanding the propaganda of many generations of tight-assed hypocritical grown-ups: Hell no.

45. It was designed to withstand nuclear warfare.

46. It seems you can withstand any poison

47. 15 A fluid cannot withstand a shear.

48. The garrison was built to withstand assaults.

49. They can also withstand adverse agro-climatic conditions.

50. It's rugged epoxy-coated aluminum chassis withstands harsh field conditions and seamlessly integrates with your camera’s body.

51. Cermet Blend Teeth for cutting metal withstands impact, reduces wear, and lasts up to 3X longer than standard carbide

52. They can withstand very severe cold weather .

53. Could my various injuries withstand the onslaught?

54. Synonyms for Aboded include took, endured, tolerated, beared, suffered, withstood, braved, faced, stood and underwent

55. 24 The plant is sensitive to alkaline conditions and prefers cool waters but temporarily withstands higher temperatures.

56. Synonyms for Bided include took, endured, tolerated, beared, suffered, withstood, braved, faced, stood and underwent

57. I must say, Robert, I'm quite impressed by the way you withstood my little aeroplane.

58. Synonyms for Confronted include took, endured, tolerated, beared, suffered, withstood, braved, faced, stood and underwent

59. Our army tried to withstand the enemy onslaught.

60. All buildings are now reinforced to withstand earthquakes.

61. What sort of substance could withstand those temperatures?

62. She could not withstand such a sudden onslaught.

63. Crashworthy (comparative more Crashworthy, superlative most Crashworthy) (of a vehicle) Capable of withstanding a crash

64. Bedrock flatbeds handle heavy workloads and withstand tough conditions

65. Other popular myths also fail to withstand close scrutiny.

66. 9 Working copy: not likely to withstand further toil.

67. Withstanding the test of time, Bituminous roofing products bring a proven track record to low-slope roofing

68. Too few managers and supervisors had learned to act decisively not withstanding their new decision-making authority.

69. Alternatively, tail-end boiler surfaces must be protected with special Teflon-type coatings capable of withstanding acid attacks.

70. Bulletin boards are designed to last using fine grain high quality, resilient cork board that withstands repeated tacking.

71. In many ways, it is satisfying, a season of challenges met and withstood, of character questioned and proven.

72. The aircraft is designed to withstand turbulent conditions.

73. The pot is made to withstand high temperatures.

74. This fabric can withstand steam and high temperatures.

75. He slew all who dared to withstand him.

76. The human organism can withstand unspeakable physical pain.

77. The axon must be able to withstand stretching.

78. The airline had withstood the predatory pricing moves of its competitors, and overcome its early loss.

79. Also he was a vengeful man, threatening to physically punish anyone who withstood him ( v 23 ).

80. Their arguments do not withstand the most superficial scrutiny.