Use "will|wills" in a sentence

1. Wills and Codicils Wills and Codicils

2. What the king wills, that the law wills. 

3. Conjunctive, contracts, wills, instruments

4. Bequeaths: to give by means of a will. Synonyms: leaves, wills… Find the right word.

5. From thoughts, reflectings; from reflectings, Considerings; from Considerings, rationalities, from rationalities, wills, from wills, words

6. And if you fear privation, Allah will enrich you from His bounty if He wills

7. Family Attorneys and estate Attorneys, also called probate and wills Attorneys, can each prepare wills

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9. One Wills wife also became a dame, and the husband of a Wills received a knighthood.

10. 22 Our solicitor holds our wills.

11. 20 Solicitors will lose their monopoly on applying for grants of probate to deal with wills.

12. Whatever he wills he may accomplish.

13. Ascetic monks all have tough wills.

14. This correction greatly impressed Master Wills.

15. Wills and Administration of Testate Estate Act

16. 4 So too can wills and probate inventories.

17. 2 Remarriage would revoke all previous wills.

18. David Wills performing From Barrooms To Bedrooms

19. God wills the Church, because he wills unity, and unity is an expression of the whole depth of his agape.

20. Living Wills A living will is a record of your wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of life.

21. Codicils work as amendments or modifications to existing wills

22. About Wills of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 1620-1624

23. Mr Wills unfolds his story with evident enjoyment.

24. Wills catalog, a cropped white linen jacket sells for just $

25. 3 Nothing is difficult to a man who wills. 

26. Self-Proving Attested Wills A valid Attested will requires the maker’s signature and the signature of two or more credible witnesses

27. Every month £1 million is pledged to good causes in wills made through Bequeathed! Gifts in wills make a huge difference to charities in the UK

28. There was a clash of wills among committee members.

29. Mrs Wills, who was in attendance on Princess Margaret.

30. The emperor wills it, so it must be done.

31. Moments later Di dropped Wills off before heading on to London.

32. You can buy ready-printed forms for wills at stationery shops.

33. I see. But what if a testator has made several wills?

34. Persons are merely to be what the legislator wills them to be.

35. Wills, 19th Air Force commander, Bestows the Bronze Star Medal to U.S

36. The Parisian shops have things to tempt even the strongest of wills.

37. 13 The probate clerk sets up an index of all wills deposited.

38. Cerebrum: the part of a person that feels, thinks, perceives, wills, and especially reasons.

39. “Win, lose or draw, you’re all my Cousins and I love you.” – Chill Wills

40. The Chancery Division deals with the interpretation of wills and the administration of estates.

41. Early wills and inventories show records for fleece, flax and hemp in many areas.

42. Will: Archidiaconal Court of Stow Wills 1640-1650, i, folio 24 26 Feb 1639 I John Linsey of Althorpe victualler My bodye to be buryed in

43. A probate Attorney also represents family members and beneficiaries wishing to challenge wills

44. 25 Prerogative Office, ecclesiastical court in which wills were proved and probate granted.

45. “This is what God wills . . . that you abstain from fornication,” says the Bible.

46. Frank "Wills" Arling is the owner and operator of Arling-Evers Auctioneers

47. Attorneys Probate Attorneys Attorneys - Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Auto Accidents & Injuries Attorneys

48. 7 Know where insurance policies, financial assets, Social Security numbers and wills are kept.

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50. “This is what God wills,” states 1 Thessalonians 4:3, “that you abstain from fornication.”

51. 1975 saw the club take out the Wills Cup and become the South Australian Champions.

52. 15 Flamboyant, mercurial creatures, they had passionate wills of their own; they exercised a devious, seductive fascination.

53. Financial advice relating to taxation, pensions, share option schemes, wills, trusts, settlements, investment and fund investment

54. Again, the evidence of wills indicates increased lay interest in the literature of the contemplative life.

55. During the preceding year, Aubrey Wills, Norman Bellotti, and I were called up for military service.

56. One Dot Attainments All : Counterspell : Clash of Wills (Gnosis+Arcana) to counter a spell of that Arcana

57. For those fifteen years, the wills gave the designated trustee absolute control, and the trustee was Mark.

58. By Abolishing holograph wills, and rendering two witnesses necessary, a resort to professional advice would become indispensable

59. Editors' Introduction to Special Issue of Occasion, "Biologism" Jenny Heijun Wills and David Palumbo-Liu

60. In their intriguing and innovative Article, Boilerplate and Default Rules in Wills Law: An Empirical Analysis, 1 Professors Reid Kress Weisbord and David Horton examine the use of language in wills that “is copied wholesale from other documents” and “is unlikely to leap out to testators.” 2 Through a review of 230 wills that were probated in Sussex County, New Jersey in the first half

61. Mr Wills said: "She was a Babbly, amenable baby, goo-ing and gaa-ing and making noises

62. Personalized Backers: Backers with a one inch, scored foldover top tab, are ideal for use with wills, will copies, estate planning documents, trusts, real estate closing forms, contracts, agreements and all other legal documents

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64. Wills and Trusts: Property or money may be bequeathed to an entity used by Jehovah’s Witnesses by means of a legally executed will or by specifying the entity as the beneficiary of a trust agreement.

65. When I heard the word goons, it became no longer a matter of romance but a war of wills.

66. Instead I was getting myself into an increasingly confrontational situation, a battle of wills, with the Director of Coaching.

67. Actually, God Achieveth some of his purposes—which are, of course, all good—through the evil wills of bad men

68. Wills’ first three albums all appeared in Billboard’s country charts with his 1975 debut Barrooms To Bedrooms reaching number 13.

69. When Wills was a young F-15E backseater in the 1990s, the SERE program for combat Aircrews lasted 14 days

70. They made each other miserable, locking wills, disbelieving that the other party could long endure a war of emotional attrition.

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72. There are several different types of wills and Codicils that are important to determining which is appropriate for your specific needs

73. The signing of wills very commonly requires witnesses to Attest, as every state requires at least two parties to witness the proceedings

74. Col Steve Asher (L), Lt (N) Petra Smith and Senior Master Sergeant Jeff Wills chat following 431 (AD) Squadron's season finale Dining-In.

75. A Codicil is a document that’s added to an existing, signed will, to change it or add new provisions to it.The word Codicil has been around since the 1400s, but now that most wills are created electronically, it's often easier—and clearer—just to make a new will.

76. Original wills and Codicils, including new probate cases that include original wills or Codicils; Certified records of proceedings for purposes of appeal; Negotiable instruments; Bail bonds; Documents presented for filing during a court hearing or trial; Documents of foreign governments under official seal; Bench copies for the judicial office

77. To say Molly and Cyrus are close is an understatement, and John finds himself in a battle of wills with Molly as the prize

78. Until the time of Alexander Severus (reigned 222–235), the birth certificates and wills of Roman citizens had to be written in Latin.

79. Cornwall & Devon: - Calendar of Wills Administrations and Accounts relating to the counties of Cornwall and Devon in the Connotorial Archidiaconal Court of Cornwall, 1569-1699; Cornwall & Devon: -Calendar of Wills Administrations and Accounts relating to the counties of Cornwall and Devon in the Consistorial Archidiaconal Court of Cornwall

80. We will here consider the law, in general terms, as it relates to the condition, duties, and rights of Children; and, afterwards, the extent which has been given to the word Child or Children by dispositions in wills and testaments.