Use "widow|widowed|widowing|widows" in a sentence

1. (Ruth 1:10) The Moabite widows Ruth and Orpah kept saying this to their widowed mother-in-law, Naomi, who was returning from Moab to Bethlehem.

2. The only daughter of a widowed father.

3. He was widowed at the age of

4. Consider what happened some 3,000 years ago when the aged widow Naomi and her widowed daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth, were on the road from Moab to Judah.

5. Carla was widowed very young.

6. “A Judge of Widows”

7. Making widows their spoil

8. She may have been married, widowed or divorced.

9. Imogen stayed with her widowed sister.

10. Widowed in 19 Mrs Hayes never remarried.

11. The war widowed many women in the former yugoslavia.

12. She was widowed when she was

13. His widowed mother brought him up.

14. But many are widows, old-timers,

15. She was widowed at the age of

16. Many people were widowed by the war.

17. She was widowed at an early age.

18. She was recently widowed and wearing mourning.

19. Also patron of divorce, infidelity, and widows.

20. He is a financier who spoils widows.

21. Mothers and daughters, sisters, wives, and widows,

22. I'd been widowed a year when we met.

23. We have and fatherless, our mothers like widows.

24. We are and fatherless , our mothers are as widows.

25. She's a widow now.

26. There are three other categories: widowed, separated and divorced.

27. They are married, divorced, separated, widowed, and never married.

28. A Widow Prepares a Meal

29. It's an old sea widow.

30. The war widowed many women in the former Yugoslavia.

31. More and more young men are widowed by cancer.

32. They are financiers who spoiled widows of their money.


34. The widow weltered in tears.

35. You must condole the widow.

36. The widow Ruth knows about loyalty.

37. However, another blessing awaited the widow.

38. Sir, it' s the widow Scordia!

39. He married his brother's widow.

40. Bishop Monson’s ward had over 1,000 members, including 84 widows.

41. We have become orphans and fatherless, our mothers like widows.

42. The Bible speaks of Christian “orphans and widows” who have tribulation.

43. In the hands of a widow.

44. Still looking on the black widow

45. His daughter-in-law, widowed that very day, died in childbirth.

46. The widow gossiped about her neighbors.

47. His widow is looking for a cutter.

48. Widow of His Grace King Robert.

49. The sorrowful widow begged for mercy.

50. She made clothes for needy widows in her seaside town of Joppa.

51. She instead became a lonely bereaved widow.

52. His second wife, Hilary, had been widowed, then exiled from South Africa.

53. Judah was wrong in his dealings with his widowed daughter-in-law, Tamar.

54. She was the widow of Earl Banquer

55. Black widow spider Antivenin Antivenin (Latrodectus mactans)

56. He leaves a widow and two children.

57. Please state whether you are single, cohabiting, married, separated, divorced or widowed.

58. If a woman without sons is widowed, she is the ultimate casualty.

59. Tony's mother was widowed at the age of 23 with three children.

60. Illustrations: persistent widow, Pharisee and tax collector

61. ( detective ) Still looking on the black widow.

62. The widow advertised herself as "without encumbrance".

63. War can decimate a population, leaving large numbers of orphans and widows.

64. Butch also agrees to financially compensate Bobby's widow.

65. She has been a widow for ten years.

66. Some spiders like house spiders and black widows actually spin Cobwebs

67. This may have made them more acceptable to the offended widows.

68. Their priests fell by the sword ; and their widows made no lamentation.

69. It did so, for example, by mandating the protection of orphans and widows.

70. She lived 47 years as a widow.

71. God did not abandon that poor widow.

72. He left a widow and two children.

73. The widow leapt into the funeral pyre.

74. These were women who had not married, were divorced, or were widowed.

75. Also patron of infidelity and widows; she is invoked against physical abuse.

76. Firstly, a widowed grandmother may be remembered as moving into the family home.

77. The widow and children are very poorly off.

78. The widow must live on her slender pittance.

79. Omasa, Munisai's widow, was not truly Musashi's mother.

80. The widow soon had to sell it away.