Use "shabby|shabbier|shabbiest" in a sentence

1. Not too shabby.

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3. Not too shabby, sir.

4. Her rangy physique and erect carriage added nobility to even the shabbiest ensemble.

5. Arrogantly Shabby Home, Pleasantville, Ohio

6. His clothes were old and shabby.

7. Why are you looking so shabby?

8. A shade of Shabby, Acworth, Georgia

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10. You look rather shabby in those clothes.

11. The old man was shabby and unkempt.

12. This used to be a shabby house.

13. Hugh's jacket was old and shabby.

14. He wore a shabby old overcoat.

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16. Crummy means shabby, miserable, or of little value

17. You shouldn't put up with such shabby treatment.

18. She was ashamed that she looked so shabby.

19. Shawn, the Shabby-cam is my screensaver.

20. His shabby appearance creates a bad impression.

21. Mew : Ahaha ! Not too shabby, little firefly!

22. It was a shabby way to treat visitors.

23. The old house has grown shabby with age.

24. 9 You shouldn't put up with such shabby treatment.

25. I felt the whole affair was a bit shabby.

26. Newton, 1972 • It was a Comparatively shabby office G.… …

27. She wore shabby old jeans and a T-shirt.

28. He walked past her into a tiny, shabby room.

29. They wore shabby clothes and their feet were bare.

30. She looked at his shabby clothes with distaste.

31. Her shabby appearance drew sniggers from the guests.

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33. The outside of the house was beginning to look shabby.

34. He even plays a shabby trick on his father.

35. Shabby, 40s-style gangster-movie buildings stretch for mile after mile.

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37. It was an ugly room with tasteless decorations and shabby furniture.

38. She tried to make up for her shabby treatment of him.

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40. The town today is a shabby, down-at-heel place.

41. It was hard to say why the man deserved such shabby treatment.

42. Appearance refers to the outward look: the shabby Appearance of the car

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44. He looked so shabby, in an old hat and a long overcoat.

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47. He reappeared, grasping the unfortunate by the scruff of his shabby collar.

48. I think African people should know about the EU's shabby and dishonourable plans.

49. The third Reich was expiring, as it had begun , with a shabby lie.

50. The other house got old and shabby, and that cut into the value.

51. 41 synonyms for Contemptible: despicable, mean, low, base, cheap, worthless, shameful, shabby

52. 9 She tried to make up for her shabby treatment of him.

53. She spoke out about the shabby way the case had been handled.

54. After this, Tate Britain at Millbank feels cramped, parsimonious and a bit shabby.

55. A small shabby man was trotting beside Bardi trying to get his attention.

56. They're ostentatiously shabby, his collars never clean and his tie's never tied properly.

57. All were so shabby they might have been worn by a dressy tramp.

58. So the horse, rather shabby, stood in an arrested prance in the boy's bedroom.

59. The hotel looked shabby from the street, but it was fine on the inside.

60. Your Blowsy Aunt Jan might have long, messy hair and wear slightly shabby clothes

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63. A young man sighed, enviously and Awedly looked at the shabby young man

64. Her home is a rented one-bedroom flat in a shabby part of town.

65. I knew it was shabby of me, but I couldn't help feeling slightly disappointed.

66. He hesitated and told me he was brought up in a shabby and dirty town.

67. Elsewhere, the condition of many of the great monuments ranges from shabby to ruinous.

68. 9 Jim's is an unprepossessing corner cafe-shabby furniture, steamy windows, pine tongue-and-groove walls.

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70. The sitting room had shabby chintz furniture, and faded curtains in the long window alcove.

71. The town is also known as being “Arrogantly shabby” and for having the original rope hammock

72. Synonyms for Clapped out include worn out, shabby, tattered, threadbare, worn, crumbling, dilapidated, faded, frayed and holey

73. One was shabby and dirty, with mud houses built on top of one another without any planning.

74. The characters should be in a shabby flat, seated at a refectory table[], facing the audience.

75. It was a shabby army-surplus shoulder-bag which some one had painstakingly embroidered with purple stars.

76. There were soldiers everywhere by now, shabby-looking in peak caps set askew and ill-fitting camouflage.

77. He was a stock irritant, an ugly man in a shabby dressing gown over a stained shirt.

78. 14 Jim's is an unprepossessing corner cafe-shabby furniture, steamy windows, pine tongue-and-groove walls.

79. Her shabby appearance and the battered portmanteau had weighed heavily against the genteel tone of her voice.

80. The drabness of his surroundings,(Sentence dictionary) his own shabby clothes were explained and transformed by these books.