Use "sexy|sexier|sexiest" in a sentence

1. We've seen vampires morph from hideous monsters to caped bedroom invaders to campy jokes, to sexy hunks to sexier hunks.

2. I thought this would feel sexier.

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8. I wanted a sexier font, but what are you gonna do?

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10. There is nothing sexier than being confident and taking care of yourselves.

11. Intellectual Carefulness is not the sexiest of virtues

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17. I mean, this isn't even the sexiest me, but come on!

18. The new car is way wider, Beefier and sexier, than it’s

19. I'm Sexy!

20. And sexy.

21. Halle Berry has been named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine.

22. Oh, I had the sexiest dream about a little blond girl, though.

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26. " You sound sexy. "

27. It will not quench your thirst faster or make you even sexier than you were before.

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29. Snart ain't sexy either.

30. Or... a sexy beard.

31. I like sexy girls.

32. Show your sexy curves.

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34. She was the one that wanted to rent Logan's Run... the sexiest movie ever.

35. Accountancy just isn't sexy.

36. Oh, you sexy bitch.

37. Singapore FHM magazine voted her the "Sexiest Woman in Asia" in 2000.

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39. Synchronized swimming, that's so sexy.

40. She gave a sexy wiggle.

41. She is ranked as one of the 'Top Sexiest" models in the industry.

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43. CarnalDish - because food is sexy

44. I'm also a sexy bitch.

45. Don't you think he's sexy?

46. What is a sexy body?

47. 6 Accountancy just isn't sexy.

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49. Keep it on, sexy beast.

50. Elf girls are crazy sexy.

51. What a sexy bathing suit.

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53. "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy"

54. I miss my sexy voice.

55. I find him incredibly sexy.

56. 19 And, of course, the sexiest man iii the world is never gon na get laid.

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62. Mui, show us a sexy pose.

63. I'm rich, and I'm dead sexy.

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66. Are you my sexy little wormhole?

67. You're untalented, but gorgeous and sexy.

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71. " Is it sexy / slutty enough? " question mark.

72. Tonight they were spunky but never sexy.

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74. You look very sexy in that dress.

75. 23 Opening image: A glorious well-oiled angel riding on a winged unicorn. Sure, it's sexy. But too sexy?

76. You're so sexy, you'll draw more customers.

77. His sexy scandal was quickly spread about.

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