Use "raker|rakers" in a sentence

1. In 1913, the U.S. Congress authorized the O'Shaughnessy Dam through passage of the Raker Act.

2. Koelz claimed that the Ives Lake cisco was easily distinguishable from Coregonus artedi due to the long gill rakers of C. hubbsi.

3. San Francisco was also granted a perpetual leasehold over the Hetch Hetchy Valley and watershed in Yosemite National Park by the Raker Act in 1913.

4. Its full set of gill rakers in its branchial arches has never previously been found in an eel, but is common in bony fish.

5. Carmine shiners are slender, elongate minnows that can be distinguished from other minnows in Manitoba by the following features: 1) the origin of the dorsal fin is located behind a line drawn vertically from the insertion of the pelvic fins, 2) absence of a fleshy keel on the abdomen and of a strongly decurved lateral line, 3) a narrowly conical snout that is equal in length, or nearly so, to their eye diameter, 4) 5-7 short gill rakers on the lower limb of the first gill arch, the longest being about as long as the width of its base, and 5) 4 slender, hooked, main row pharyngeal teeth (Stewart and Watkinson 2004; K.W. Stewart, Univ. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, pers. comm. 2005) (Figure 2).