Use "guzzle|guzzled|guzzles|guzzling" in a sentence

1. 1 Pigs guzzle their food.

2. This kid'll be guzzling goat blood in no time.

3. Simply a gas-guzzling, ozone-depleting means of transportation?

4. 25 Melissa had guzzled gin and tonics like they were lemonade.

5. Composer require Bitstone / guzzle-wrapper or add the library to your composer.json file: "Bitstone/guzzle-wrapper": "^1.6".

6. Botnets can harness and control those energy-guzzling features

7. You're bound to get indigestion if you guzzle like that!

8. Reblown hyperlactation guzzle Attractableness undertaking mythmaking archfoe chignon recordedly

9. 5 Does guzzle disease have alternant sex anorexia treat?

10. 2 You're bound to get indigestion if you guzzle like that!

11. Top synonyms for Caroused (other words for Caroused) are guzzled, celebrated and feasted.

12. A gas-guzzling limo / une limousine qui Consomme beaucoup de carburant

13. Synonyms for Crammed in include gobbled, bolted, devoured, gulped, wolfed, guzzled, Crammed, scoffed, scarfed and demolished

14. 23 Ally surreptitiously guzzles water at every chance to avoid the dreaded dry mouth kiss.

15. 11 And very important ... the wine - as much as you can guzzle - is free!

16. He worked long hours to keep his gas-guzzling Clunker on the road.

17. There’s a “Cum guzzling” reference in Cards Against Humanity, and there was that

18. 4 Her kids guzzle sugar all day, and the house is an absolute mess.

19. 3 Old refrigerators guzzle lots of energy and are on 24 hours a day.

20. 6 Guzzle the champagne and tuck into the starter: it will all fall apart from there.

21. 9 He said that since SUVs guzzle more gas , they were anathema to energy conservation efforts.

22. 7 People tend to guzzle their calories and it really adds up, often more than they realize.

23. Synonyms for Bibbing include drinking, boozing, guzzling, tippling, soaking, lushing up, liquoring up, swilling, swallowing and swigging

24. I was very thirsty, so obviously my first thought was to guzzle a tall glass of Cryptic

25. We Barhopped the area and went from top to bottom happily guzzling our favorite drinks along the way

26. Sir John's temper had improved but Athelstan dreaded spending a day watching him guzzle one goblet of wine after another.

27. Chugalug definition is - to drink a container of liquid (such as beer) without pause; also : to drink greedily : guzzle

28. 12 Local governments should refrain from recklessly pursuing GDP growth by investing in sectors that guzzle energy and spew out pollution.

29. 10 Sir John's temper had improved but Athelstan dreaded spending a day watching him guzzle one goblet of wine after another.

30. 8 So grab some Advil, guzzle some aqua,[] and try your hand at one of these crazy/wonderful hangover bites.

31. We just moved to the Burbs last week, but I've already traded in my Volkswagen for a gas-guzzling SUV and gotten in a fight at my kid's soccer game.

32. Gandolfini guzzled four shots of rum, two pina coladas, and two beers at dinner with his son — while he Chowed down on two orders of fried king prawns and a “large portion” of foie gras, a

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34. In “Archenemy,” the fellow with above-average powers, who guzzles booze in alleyways and punches walls to no avail while complaining “I used … to punch holes … in space,” bemoans his lost powers while insisting on not being called a superhero.

35. The “Cash for Clunkers" program (formally known as the CARS Allowance Rebate System, or simply CARS), was designed to encourage drivers to trade in their old, gas-guzzling vehicles for cash to purchase new, more fuel-efficient models

36. Aerophagia Aerophagy The excessive swallowing of air, which is usually an unconscious act that occurs during normal eating or drinking or is associated with other conditions Clinical Abdominal bloating, belching, flatulence Etiology Anxiety, rapid eating–'shoveling' or drinking–'guzzling,' chewing gum, smoking, or poorly fitted dentures.