Use "forager|foragers" in a sentence

1. Baseheartedness Ufabet003 forager

2. We were hunters and foragers

3. Welcome to the Foragers'.

4. So you run a brothel at the Foragers.

5. At a court the judge is interrogating a forager but gets into difficulty because the forager is a foreigner who doesn't speak English.

6. "Only a few words, " replies the forager.

7. House Centipedes are nocturnal hunters and foragers

8. In Japan a fungus forager can earn a good living.

9. Bummers was a nickname applied to foragers of Maj

10. "A forager won't come back until it finds something, " Gordon says .

11. 20 In Japan a fungus forager can earn a good living.

12. The Foragers', by the way, derives no income from this.

13. The incendiaries set the villages on fire and the foragers visit and sack them.

14. Of Bees, which includes nurse Bees, forager Bees, guard Bees, and drone Bees

15. Operation Forager, the assault on the Mariana Islands, was planned as a two-pronged thrust.

16. They are Adaptable foragers that learn to survive on a wide range of food sources.

17. Like other Mediterranean breeds, Anconas are closely feathered, active, good foragers and good layers

18. Mateo Granados, an avid forager, hunts for wild mushrooms (especially plump, nutty Chanterelles) in Gualala, in California's Mendocino County.

19. When the successful foragers arrived at the hive, many danced to indicate the car park.

20. Use Foragers or Arbalests to kill enemy spies before they can escape and swing the battle in the enemy’s favor

21. Bummers was a nickname given to the foragers of Sherman's Army during the famous ( or infamous ) March to the Sea, and then through the Carolinas

22. The offspring could learn foraging information from mother in uterus and weaning, and get also foraging information from experienced forager through social learning.

23. They are also hardy and very good foragers, making them useful in extensive farming (as opposed to intensive pig farming).

24. The light cruiser then loaded fuel, ammunition and supplies in preparation for "Operation Forager", the planned liberation of the Mariana Islands.

25. As the foragers grow older they move from a juvenile taste for sweet nectar to a more refined preference for pollen.

26. Flexible, variable, versatile, resilient, easy-going, changeable, modifiable, conformable They are Adaptable foragers that can survive on a wide range of foods

27. Scott's heart broke at the sound of her voice; save for a hint of Southlands Forager accent, it might as well have been that of Marlene Rush.

28. A delight to come across, but be careful of other foragers as they can be quite territorial over their Chanterelle patches! Watch our videos on YouTube

29. The first foragers visited the West Mouth of Niah Caves (located 110 kilometres (68 mi) southwest of Miri) 40,000 years ago when Borneo was connected to the mainland of Southeast Asia.

30. A Claas 85E forager i think there are only 10 in the UK and a lot less working , some 30 foot rows and some 20 (depending on the amount of grass.

31. Credos are a new, qualified skill type, resting on the icon of a particular profession -- hunter, farmer, forager, etc -- which you can only acquire through somewhat particular quests relevant for the profession in question.

32. Our wild Berries are hand-gathered in the lush woodlands of the Cascade Mountains, through the Olympic Mountains and beyond where our intrepid foragers often find themselves competing with Black bears, cougars and other native animals for the sweet, juicy Berries.

33. Unlike the band organization of most foragers, food producers, either horticulturalists or pastoralists, are politically organized into either tribes, associated with big men, or Chiefdoms, associated with chiefs.Both tribes and Chiefdoms have the basic traits of horticulture (or pastoralists if herders); however the sociopolitical structure can be quite different.