Use "forage|forages" in a sentence

1. In general, annual forage crops tend to accumulate greater amounts of nitrate than perennial forages.

2. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) or lucerne is the most important forage legume worldwide and frequently called the ‘Queen of forages’ due to its wide adaptation, high yield, and high quality

3. forage grass and forage maize in all their forms of preservation,

4. A young fur seal forages amid bull kelp near Gansbaai, South Africa.

5. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is popularly known as the Queen of Forages because of its high forage nutritive value characteristics.Alfalfa is a high-yielding, perennial legume that is well-suited for hay, silage, baleage, and grazing management systems

6. Yellow flowered European lupine cultivated for forage .

7. Groups of Bonobos often forage together

8. Hay and Forage Baling Product Selector

9. Barley is gaining popularity for forage

10. In the summer, the goats forage freely .

11. Cows and sheep depends forage to feed.

12. A few metres ahead a smaller animal , the alpha female , forages in the shadows .

13. 'Physarum is a large, single-celled amoeboid organism that forages for patchily distributed food sources...

14. Le forage peut comporter au moins un Coude .

15. Whole Cottonseed can also be used to stretch limited forage supply

16. Elusive animals, Babirusas prefer to forage in dense cover near water

17. A profitable Backgrounding program will maximize use of cost effective feeds such as high quality forages.

18. Bluegill are the most common forage fish stocked in farm ponds in the south and are the key forage species for largemouth bass

19. Forage crops like clover and alfalfa could be planted.

20. One group left the camp to forage for firewood.

21. They were forced to forage for clothing and fuel.

22. Radium XL Alsike Clover Download The Forage First® Forage Guide Our new alfalfa varieties and products offer superior resistance to the latest alfalfa disease and pest threats along with higher forage yield and feed quality plus excellent winter survival.

23. Swedes, mangolds, fodder roots, hay, lucerne (alfalfa), clover, sainfoin, forage kale, lupines, vetches and similar forage products, whether or not in the form of pellets:

24. Feeding harvested forage is a significant cost in Backgrounding operations

25. Anconas rarely go broody and will forage and lay well

26. It is probably still too dark for them to forage.

27. People are being forced to forage for food and fuel.

28. 12.14 || || Swedes, mangolds, fodder roots, hay, lucerne (alfalfa), clover, sainfoin, forage kale, lupines, vetches and similar forage products, whether or not in the form of pellets. || || || || || || ||

29. It forages for leaves, stems, flowers and seeds over large distances because of the scarcity of suitable plants.

30. At normal conditions the absorption of selenium by forage plants is very little.

31. The development of the A 3 cytoplasm in forage sorghum breeding.

32. Anconas are well suited for situations where they can forage for

33. Horses are able to forage for grass even under deep snow.

34. The Long-nosed Bandicoot is probably best known for the small, round conical holes it leaves behind as it forages at night

35. Hardiness and persistence of many perennial forages have been improved through breeding, creeping-rooted alfalfa being one important example.

36. Alfalfa will continue to be the most important forage for DAIRY cattle.

37. It is also the statement of forage area to calculate stocking density.

38. Bees will travel about 3 to 3 1/2 miles to forage

39. Rations and forage were provided by local tradesmen under contracts previously made.

40. A man and a woman pick through the filth while cattle forage.

41. Alewives are now established as a dominant forage fish in Lake Champlain

42. Aquaculture’s share of the forage-fish catch has nearly doubled since 2000

43. He had corporal's insignia and a forage cap pulled over his eyes.

44. Bold and confiding, often visiting villages and towns where it forages for scraps with snowfinches, mountain-finches, and other Accentors

45. Crested wheatgrass is a good forage producer in the areas where best adapted

46. Uses of Agronomic and forage crops for industrial purposes are substantial and increasing

47. Remarks: Bluegill are commonly stocked as forage for largemouth bass in farm ponds

48. Pioneer® brand Alfalfa varieties are designed with top-quality forage in mind

49. Alsike clover definition is - a European perennial clover (Trifolium hybridum) much used as a forage plant.

50. The badger, though startled, accepted my rendition and continued to forage. Thank goodness for asthmatic sheep!

51. It embraces study of agricultural geologic setting and zonation, of utilization of mineral deposits as fertilizers, forages, and pesticide carriers,[Sentencedict] and of soil improvement.

52. A compact, bull-necked bird of open country, the Bronzed Cowbird forages for seeds and grains on the ground, usually in flocks

53. Within the forest, raccoons, frogs, turtles, alligators, snakes, wildcats, deer and other creatures forage.

54. Due in part to this competition for limited forage, the horses nearly became extinct.

55. 21 Urea - phosphate is a kind of non - protein nitrogen forage additive for ruminant.

56. Because Capelin is the most abundant forage fish in the system, their “forage fish” signal must be driven primarily by the abundance of Capelin, so this figure contradicts the accepted view of Capelin’s history

57. If the winter is mild enough, they may wake up and forage for food.

58. It forages for insects, especially beetle larvae, mainly in the canopy and on dead standing trees, but sometimes descends onto fallen trees.

59. For many ranchers, Backgrounding allows them to utilize forage resources they may have on hand

60. 13 It is a good leguminous forage germ plasm that has advantage of strong resistance.

61. The soybean plant was not used to any great extent for forage in the Orient.

62. Find out about its potential health benefits, plus how to grow, forage, and use Aronia …

63. These birds forage in soft mud with some vegetation, mainly picking up food by sight.

64. The only other forage crops grown were kale and turnips but these were not widespread.

65. Caplin - very small northern fish; forage for sea birds and marine mammals and other fishes

66. Buffaloes are mostly located in countries where land, cultivated forage crops, and pastures are limited

67. CRYSTALYX Brigade supplement is designed for self-fed feeding to calves, growing cattle, and mature beef breeding cattle fed moderate to high protein forages

68. 6 The only other forage crops grown were kale and turnips but these were not widespread.

69. Bushtits are active birds, moving almost constantly while they forage for insects in shrubs and trees.

70. Bluegill provide an excellent forage for bass due to their ability to reproduce at incredible rates

71. Natrium glutamate, Additives: sorbic acid , Additives are fermentation (enzymes), Forage additives for fish growth, Chemical production.

72. Neither reindeer nor caribou have benefited much, since for them lack of forage is the problem.

73. 18 Wild flooding is used to irrigate forage crops and sometimes small grains on uneven topography.

74. Men in forage caps were milling around below in the courtyard, their voices and footsteps resounding throughout the building.

75. The birds allow their newborn chicks to perch on their feet and nuzzle under their bodies to shelter while the other parent forages for food.

76. Includes National Programs on Pasture, Forage and Rangeland Systems (#215) and Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability (#216).

77. Forage additives for improving aerobic stability, for reducing heating, for increasing digestibility and for improving animal performance

78. So, the lespedeza has great potentiality and market as one series of new-type forage shrub legumes.

79. † Forage yield scores reflect the yield increase compared to conventional Alfalfa types under one or more lodging events at harvest

80. Calculation of forage area for premiums referred to in Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 1254/1999