Use "for your eyes only|for your eye only" in a sentence

1. The above report is top secret and intended for your eyes only.

2. Only imagine your eyes, ears, nose, and throat are the top.

3. For Your Eyes Only - The famous scene with the pistachio shells in the warehouse was set in Albania

4. For your convenience, site contain only streaming Bestiality …

5. You are only slightly underweight for your height.

6. 30 My respect for your intelligence is only equalled by my admiration for your integrity.

7. Your plumbing supplies 19 Bawsint os for only $169.50

8. There're only forty minutes left for your connecting flight.

9. Available from salons only - call for your nearest stockist.

10. If only for the sake of your beautiful bride.

11. You have time for only half your normal workout.

12. The only downside is that Antenna Web will only recommend outdoor Antennas for your area.

13. Cadet understands your desire to buy only the highest quality treats for your pets

14. Your only concern is your money.

15. The only possible reason for your unwarranted interference is boredom!

16. Continue to locomote using your heels only for two minutes.

17. Axe Bat is the only bat built for your swing

18. Only the most ferocious, to be displayed for your pleasure.

19. Wipe your infant 's eyes with a washcloth dampened with water only , starting with one eye and wiping from the inner corner to the outer corner .

20. Small numbers of eye Boogers in your pet’s eyes are fine

21. Your only concern is to prepare those new droids for tomorrow.

22. Once, only your hairdresser knew for sure and that was good.

23. Collision insurance, the cheapest, only pays for damage to your car.

24. Ancestry Information Only: For a DNA Ancestry test kit that only provides results regarding your ancestral and …

25. For only $10, Assyth will upload your videos to chinese websites

26. Note: Only you should know the Secret Address for your calendar.

27. And the only place that collagen changes its structure is in the cornea of your eye.

28. Because call-only campaigns only allow clicks-to-call, you’re able to bid for calls to your business instead of clicks to your website.

29. If you’ve updated your business address, only the code requested for your current address will work.

30. Topped with for-your-eyes-only extras like side cutouts, crocheting, and mesh, these Bralettes turn everyday underpinnings into something worth showing off.

31. Your sweet tooth will benefit only your dentist.

32. I only pray your grandmother follows your lead.

33. This test only confirms that Googlebot can access your page for indexing.

34. Your so-called exquisite art, is only fit for... Japanese fat heads!

35. Please hurry up. There're only forty minutes left for your connecting flight.

36. The Civilisations AR experience is for your personal, non-business use only

37. Crack your neck only for temporary relief of moderate pain or tension

38. I promise, I'm only holding your hand to check for choreiform movement.

39. We saved your life only for you to chuck it away again.

40. The Civilisations AR experience is for your personal, non-business use only

41. Be sure to only use Singer Bobbins made specifically for your machine

42. An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi 

43. You gave your only begotten,

44. When your information is only your business, BleachBit guards your privacy.

45. Your only fault is carelessness.

46. Only with your eyes will you look on and see the retribution itself of the wicked ones.”

47. Only with your eyes will you look on and see the retribution itself of the wicked ones.

48. Should you have needs for a private/personal Chef for your office or family, Cultivations is your one and only stop

49. If you're on monthly invoicing, enter your code only after your account has been set up for invoicing.

50. For instance, the only requirement in that is your name will be scripted.

51. Contact - Coagent International Ltd We only use your email address for direct contact

52. From now on, only use it professionally and not for your personal delusions.

53. All your so-called disciples, only come for the free drinks and food.

54. Would you be better off lowering your prices and selling for cash only?

55. You could leave your bicycle at Dingle Station every day for a week for only 6d, at your own risk of course.

56. You have on the plant side only ISDN for telephone, but in your office there is only an analogue system?

57. You pay only for active users and storage used in your organization for the previous month.

58. Your rewards come not only hereafter.

59. That should be your only concern.

60. Your son is my only leverage.

61. Subversion world, only pendulum your shadow.

62. Your audio is saved to your Google Account only when:

63. If killing is your only talent, that' s your curse

64. Only your domain administrator can enable YouTube on your domain.

65. your father only gave me coppers.

66. Your Honor, it's only four hundred.

67. Your only play is to roll up on your boss.

68. After all, I'm only your stepfather.

69. My world only allow your presence!

70. The only limit is your imagination.

71. Some Birthday freebies are valid only on your big day, and others, for a few days around your Birthday

72. Refer to your domain administrator’s privacy policy for information on how your organization manages data on work-only devices.

73. Additionally, only active Google Ads accounts are eligible for linking with your Analytics property.

74. 6 This egregious nonsequitur requires further clarification, if only for your myriad younger readers.

75. 16 My opinion hasn't been well thought out and is only for your reference.

76. In most cases of Amblyopia, your child’s brain ignores the signals coming from one eye, meaning the other eye is the only one being used

77. Only your best behavior is good enough for daily living in the missionary home.

78. For only $15, Gdusmanali will be your modern game UI designer creative game Artiest

79. You can enable access for everyone in your account or only for users in specific organizational units.

80. That's because the foveal part of your eye, which is the high- resolution part, is only about the size of your thumbnail held at arms length.