Use "encounter|encountered|encountering|encounters" in a sentence

1. Participation in such an encounter or encounters: wounds received in Battle. 3

2. Holloman was the supposed site of a famous UFO encounter, the one that Close Encounters was based on.

3. These claimed encounters are often described as ongoing, but some Contactees claim to have had as few as a single encounter.

4. Corrupt Loomians are extremely rare special variants of Loomians that can either be encountered in the wild or appear in certain set encounters

5. 23 If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered.

6. Close Encounters

7. Individuals with paraplegia had higher fitness, mobility, and environmental barrier encounter rates and lower avoidance per encounter rates vs tetraplegia (all P≤.05).For individuals with tetraplegia only, as mobility and fitness increased, frequencies of (1) encounters increased; (2) Avoidances per encounter decreased, in multiple EAMQ domains (all P≤.05).

8. The Areopagus Historic Christianity Encounters Other Religious Traditions When the early apostles or our Lord encountered people who didn’t oppose them but believed differently when it came to faith, how were they engaged? We have one example in the book of Acts with the Apostle Paul’s encounter at The Areopagus or Mars Hill.

9. I dreaded encountering anyone along my route.

10. Twenty Chillingly Creepy Encounters

11. 1 Mechanics 2 Chance Boosting 2.1 Roaming Charm and LoomiBoost 3 Set Encounters 4 Drops 5 References In areas that Wild Loomians are encountered, the chances of a Wild Loomian being Corrupt …

12. Leal (eds.), Encounters, Excavations and Argosies…

13. Welcome to Twenty Chillingly Creepy Encounters.

14. Monsters: Which drop Begrimed Claw – 8 shown Unique monsters are only encountered during one-time plot encounters; mission monsters appear only during missions; the final bosses make up the last set of encounters in the game; eidolons are special monsters that are not defeated through sheer martial prowess; note that multiple monsters may

15. That behavior is extremely common especially upon first encountering the problem.

16. Black workers often report encountering overt hostility when they start work.

17. Then we began encountering pressure, variance, stress, force seven, the works.

18. Below, list any circumstances that have led to your encountering pornography.

19. One encounters a comparatively congenial Schoenberg here.

20. If you were encountering a tyrannical overlord, what would you do?

21. Big Men, Little People: Encounters in Africa.

22. Organic farming frequently encounters such philosophical problems.

23. Accoutre ~ sounds like encounter.

24. encounter their first problem.

25. Aprication I never heard this word until encountering it at Futility Closet

26. They made good time thereafter, considering the darkness, encountering no problems.

27. Our encounters are generally feisty affairs too.

28. Compare Begrimed Claw to other Items Monsters: Which drop Begrimed Claw – 1 shown Rare monsters are hard to find in random encounters; unique monsters are only encountered during one-time plot encounters; the final bosses must be defeated to complete the main plot; note that multiple monsters may have the same name, especially in the case of

29. Often, elders encounter prejudice.

30. An Encounter Yields Fruitage

31. Common: often observed or encountered.

32. Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.

33. In a roost in coastal Mexico, however, 90% of Anhinga agonistic encounters involved conspecifics, and Anhingas generally were less often involved in aggression than were other species in the same colony (0.12 encounter/bird-h for Anhingas, …

34. What trouble did you encounter?

35. I have had encounters with those people, yes.

36. 21 Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.

37. Encounter God at Crossroads Church

38. We won't encounter any guns?

39. Wherever 007 goes, he can be sure of encountering megalomaniacs set on world domination.

40. We have encountered major problems.

41. Our troops encountered only token resistance.

42. Swan Neck and Boutonnieres deformity are common clinical encounters

43. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

44. Altercations: Critical Super-Human Encounters of the 20th Century

45. So in same-sex encounters, the orgasm gap disappears.

46. Low-Copers become easily overwhelmed and anxious when encountering most tasks or decisions

47. Atmospheres 101 is the 3rd book in the Encountering God Series! Read More

48. 2 When encountering “Arterialization,” proper confirmation of catheter location to exclude arterial puncture is …

49. Naturalist - For those few encounters where ToL is useless.

50. Encounter difficulty problem reintroduce to come.

51. The rising on this side is actually more alpinist due to the milieu you encounter and therefore more attention is needed as more crevasses are encountered than on the classic route starting from the refuge Vittorio Emanuele.

52. Encounter Aberrations in combination than singly

53. One bad encounter with Bruce, and...

54. Additional measures, addressed to persons encountering difficulties on the labour market, including disabled people, include:

55. Radiation is high, and close encounters between stars are common.

56. Courtly Encounters: Translating Courtliness and Violence in Early Modern Eurasia

57. The crest is displayed during courtship encounters at breeding colonies.

58. Allows the user to specify a callback function to run upon encountering an error.

59. We've invaded every country we've encountered.

60. The Russian invasion encountered fierce resistance.

61. But multi-Ballonet system control issue encounters the absence of …

62. Divided into three parts — Approachings, Encounters, and Distances — Conamara Blues

63. Customary means commonly practiced, used, or encountered

64. I had never encountered such resistance before.

65. Stereoisomerism is encountered in the homologous series.

66. Start reading Astounded: Encountering God in Everyday Moments on your Kindle in under a minute

67. We'll encounter the anterior cerebral artery.

68. Then, suddenly, we encounter pouring rain.

69. It was his first sexual encounter .

70. John-117 encounters a Knight Battlewagon on the level Shutdown

71. In fact, encounters with others will produce real soul-searching.

72. Thus grooming partners may form a coalition during agonistic encounters.

73. Each year, the earth encounters a number of these meteoroid streams.

74. She didn't remember our encounter last summer.

75. When did you first encounter these difficulties?

76. Staffing is still a relatively unimportant issue compared to the other problems that we're encountering.

77. Casually, Kirov dipped his hand into the pocket, encountering the cold hardness of the gun.

78. Cumbia absorbs and mixes with the local musical styles it encounters.

79. Cumbia absorbs and mixes with the local musical styles it encounters.

80. Production of 76 members unit encounters the group to browbeat badly.