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1. What does Attenuations mean? Plural form of attenuation

2. Attenuation (countable and uncountable, plural Attenuations) A gradual diminishing of strength

3. To take individual baseline blood attenuation into account for statistical analysis, the difference of the thrombus Attenuations and the Attenuations of the

4. More checks are available when the Attenuations of the dielectric and copper are added together to the total attenuation

5. According to , the free-space path Attenuations can be summed to atmospheric additional attenuation, AT¬, to obtain total link path loss:

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7. ‘Attenuations of the order of 50 to 200 dB are required’ ‘The attenuation also varies with the actual wavelength selected.’ ‘The muffs have excellent noise attenuation in that they will bring the decibels down to a tolerable level.’ ‘The degree of attenuation is going to depend on a …

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9. These classical Attenuations typically result in a tradeoff whereby attenuation depresses the within-host viral load and pathology (which is beneficial to vaccine design), but reduces immunity (which is not beneficial)

10. Mass Attenuation Coefficient and Conversion to Linear Attenuation Coefficient

11. Precision and Accuracy in Preparation of Attenuations

12. Media attenuation

13. Specific Attenuations in rain and melting hail

14. Acoustic attenuation device

15. The relative current attenuation decibel value was used to indicate the microwave attenuation anisotropy.

16. Thrombus Attenuations and Attenuations of the contralateral MCA were measured in manually placed regions of interest perpendicular to the vessel on sagittal reconstructions of the CT scans

17. Composite acoustic attenuation materials

18. Structural acoustic attenuation panel

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20. Definition of Attenuation of Anatomy

21. Acoustic floor coverings for noise attenuation

22. A mass Attenuation coefficient can easily be converted to a linear Attenuation coefficient as discussed below

23. Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Working with Media > Audio and Sound > Sound Attenuation Sound Attenuation

24. Exhaust cone with acoustic attenuation system

25. Attenuation structure through the Earth's subsurface

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27. Co-planar constant-attenuation phase modifier

28. Digital filter having improved attenuation characteristics

29. The attenuation of rod signals by Bleachings

30. Elastomer products with acoustic attenuation properties

31. For smaller attenuations comparison is possible with a radiometer experiment at 30.1 GHz.

32. Materials for vibration absorption and vibration attenuation

33. Calculates the resistor values, attenuation, minimum attenuation, impedance, reflection coefficient, VSWR and return loss of a matching Pi Attenuator

34. Sound attenuation is performed using a sound attenuation panel using an electromagnetic or electrostatic response unit to modify resonance.

35. Many cases of aneurism have been cured with Baryta, mostly in lower attenuations.

36. They have yoltage gains/Attenuations of 30 dB, -42 dB and 39 dB

37. Attenuation [ah-ten″u-a´shun] 1

38. Fiber Attenuation can be described by the general relation dP/dz = −αP, where α is the power Attenuation coefficient per unit length

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40. Lower attenuation also means lower alcohol content.

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42. In this case, the Attenuations had disappeared, but were replaced by mild deep and cortical atrophy

43. Network media varies in its resistance to Attenuation

44. Attenuations of different types of gas hydrate cementation in fluid-saturated porous solids are discussed

45. Global Attenuation model below has been obtained from the normal modes and surface waves displays the highest Attenuation in the asthenosphere and inner core and low Attenuation in the lithosphere and lower mantle (Figure 4).Global surface wave Attenuation models correspond closely with shear velocity, suggesting that the …

46. Total Attenuation is the sum of all losses

47. EcoTouch® Sound Attenuation Batts (SAB) FIBERGLAS™ INSULATION

48. Since a linear Attenuation coefficient is dependent on the density of a material, the mass Attenuation coefficient is often reported for convenience.

49. Mr receive coil localization and mr-based attenuation correction

50. Non-metallic building materials for vibration absorption and attenuation

51. High-frequency band pass filter assembly, comprising attenuation poles

52. Method for improving acoustic noise attenuation in hand-free devices

53. Voice Attenuation can be enabled in Discord’s user settings

54. Attenuation of unwanted acoustic signals by semblance criterion modification

55. Attenuation (1/Q) and velocity dispersion are strongly dependent on pore phase and compressibility, particularly as controlled by partial gas saturation.Attenuation could become a valuable direct hydrocarbon indicator (e.g., Tanner and Sheriff).More recently, Klimentos used the ratio of compressional to shear Attenuations as a hydrocarbon indicator in well logs.

56. The construction is such that acoustical attenuation is also achieved

57. An interesting consequence of the exponential Attenuation of gamma rays is …

58. Radio frequency (rf) attenuation functions for specific absorption rate (sar) compliance

59. An apparatus for fixing a gain or attenuation factor (G;ATT) for an amplification or attenuation element (1) during transmission of a sequence of synchronization data symbols detects the signal level (S1) of a received signal at the input of the amplification or attenuation element (1).

60. Attenuations within a range of -100 to 200 Hounsfield units (HU) as soft tissue density range were set

61. ‘Attenuation of pelvic girdle pain was greatest in the acupuncture group.’ ‘The heavier cognitive load required to create these relationships may have resulted in a certain Attenuation in motivation.’ ‘It is possible that it is not age itself that causes the Attenuation of creativity.’

62. Note: To see how these calibration values are used in the Exposure Notifications framework, see BLE Exposure Notifications Attenuations

63. 7 synonyms for Attenuation: debilitation, depletion, devitalization, enervation, enfeeblement, impoverishment, fading

64. Key words: Napierville earthquake, attenuation relationships, acceleration spectra, strong motion records.

65. Thus, a change of one Hounsfield unit (HU) represents a change of 0.1% of the attenuation coefficient of water since the attenuation coefficient of air is nearly zero.

66. As you see that the Band pass filter has the infinite attenuation for the blocked frequencies and zero attenuation for passband frequencies.; But in practical this is not possible, the practical Bandpass filter offers of zero to one dB attenuation for passive filters which also depends on …

67. Sub-channel separation uses pass-band filters with high stop-band attenuation.

68. Too much agricultural runoff creating bad oceans, toxic oceans, attenuation of nutrition.

69. For water, the Mean Attenuation and the linear coefficient are the same because the density of water is 1 g/cm³ Energy has a direct effect on Attenuation

70. Reference for the various models available for controlling the Attenuation of sounds

71. UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase (UGT)-mediated Attenuations of cytochrome P450 3A4 activity: UGT isoform-dependent mechanism of suppression Br J Pharmacol

72. Absorption and or attenuation meters for use in water quality monitoring systems

73. The control voltage of a ceiving amplifier serves as sound attenuation signal.

74. Attenuation definition, the act of attenuating or the state of being attenuated

75. This region has the lowest attenuation losses and achieves the longest range.

76. In simpler terms, Attenuation is how much stopping power a material has on energy

77. Nacelle incorporating an element for connecting a lip and an acoustic attenuation panel together

78. The measurement unit used for the mass Attenuation coefficient cm 2 g-1.

79. Attenuation coefficient including the Compton scattering and the photoelectric and pair production absorptions

80. Seismic Attenuation describes the energy loss experienced by seismic waves as they propagate