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1. What does Attentions mean? Plural form of attention

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3. Assiduities, devoted or solicitous attentions.

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5. Assiduities archaic, literary Constant attentions to someone.

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7. My attentions are distracted from my study.

8. What does Attentions mean? Information and translations of Attentions in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

9. She felt embarrassed by his persistent attentions.

10. Attentions [plural]: acts of kindness, care, or courtesy: acts that show affection or admiration for someone She found his Attentions flattering

11. Attentions, acts of courtesy or devotion indicating affection

12. Charley's attentions to his former mistress were unbounded.

13. COFFRETS CADEAUX Des p'tites Attentions pour chaque occasion !

14. 15 The Doctor's attentions were unheeded by the widow.

15. She has been receiving unwanted Attentions from a coworker.

16. Attentions attentivenesses guidances helpfulnesses instructions ministrations supports coddlings Cossetings pamperings

17. Dear Abby: Attentions from married man play with woman's emotions

18. Attentions attentivenesses guidances helpfulnesses instructions ministrations supports coddlings Cossetings pamperings

19. Adjustment Special Attentions: Asphalt Cement and Fuel Adjustment special Attentions have been posted for informational purposes and will be updated monthly (around the 15th of each month)

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21. 17 A harem stallion defends his mares against the attentions of other males.

22. A harem stallion defends his mares against the attentions of other males.

23. Attentions From Married Man Play With Woman's Emotions Abigail Van Buren 12/17/2020

24. One definition for Attentions gives "acts of courtesy, consideration, or gallantry, especially by a suitor." So now I remember that Attentions always seems to be used romantic contexts

25. Synonyms for Awarenesses include cognizances, consciousnesses, acknowledgments, acknowledgements, alertnesses, attentions, enlightenments, familiarities, informations

26. 6 synonyms of Attentions from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 20 related words, definitions, and antonyms

27. The promise of utopia has attracted the attentions of both charlatans and serious scientists.

28. She was a silly girl, and far too easily impressed by Grunte's elephantine attentions.

29. Antonyms for Apathies include interests, concerns, enthusiasms, passions, regards, anxieties, attentions, emotions, feelings and zeals

30. HAN uses two-level Attentions to learn the importance of neighbor nodes and meta-paths

31. Coyness: the attitude or behavior of one who insincerely courts the amorous attentions of others

32. Attentions definition: acts of consideration , courtesy , or gallantry indicating affection or love Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

33. Synonyms for Considerings include ruminations, meditation, reflection, thought, anticipations, attentions, cerebration, cogitation, cognition and consideration

34. Synonyms for Courting include suit, courtship, dating, lovemaking, wooing, pursuit, attentions, addresses, blandishments and proposition

35. Synonyms for Attentions include suit, courtship, courting, wooing, dating, lovemaking, addresses, blandishments, homage and proposition

36. Synonyms for Accentuations include emphases, stresses, accents, underscorings, weights, beats, inflexions, inflections, prominences and attentions

37. 14 Charles's attentions to Henrietta had been observed by her father and mother without any disapprobation.

38. While my attentions have been engaged elsewhere, the nifty little device has been quietly humming along.

39. Bore definition, to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.: The long speech Bored me

40. She is building the nest while he jealously guards her against the attentions of other males.

41. From then on the pretty servant girls eyed him with a lustrous regret and redoubled their attentions.

42. Attention!

43. The project does not intend itself to collect actual papers and confines its attentions to non-governmental records only.

44. The analysis and separation of complex samples by multidimensional liquid column chromatography are paid more attentions.

45. ADD abbr. attention deficit disorder Attention deficit disorder.

46. She was first introduced to the stencilling technique, but has recently turned her attentions to acid-free etching.

47. An element of public accountability can also be identified in the recurrent attentions of elected Members of Parliament.

48. Any infant protected by an amulet bearing the names of the angels would be immune from her attentions.

49. After his attentions she supposed he would propose marriage and relieve her of the odious burden of Rushworth.

50. Attentions/// Evènements surprenants, insolites, conviviaux à contenu artistique pour faire bouger vos sens et votre sang.

51. (usually plural) an act of consideration, courtesy, or gallantry indicating affection or love: Attentions given to a lover

52. Pay attention.

53. Attention, passengers.:

54. Your attention!

55. Attention, travelers.

56. Attention customers!

57. In a firm way, she should tell him that she does not want and will not accept his attentions.

58. With a sigh she turned her Attentions inward once again, back to her own daydream.: In a near-riot, the crowd's frenzied Attentions grew so insistent that people had to be lifted out of the way to let Collins through.: How does a female tiger protect her young cubs amid the sometimes violent Attentions of three male suitors?: Linda had been cautious around the men at first, though she hadn't

59. Synonyms for Crowd puller include attention-getter, attention draw, attention-grabber, draw, enticement, inducement, lure, pull, attraction and allurement

60. Your attention, please!

61. The Conquistadors have not (yet) attracted the obtusest attentions of iconoclasts, but they are conventionally portrayed as uber-exploiters, unleashing …

62. Open gates invite attention and disequilibration; closed gates preclude attention and disequilibration.

63. It seems when the plural form "Attentions" is used in this context it indicates expressing one's friendliness towards people

64. Attentions turn to charging as EV boom carries into 2021 Demand for electric vehicles held strong even during a global pandemic

65. Crying: needing immediate attention.

66. Attention, comic book aficionados!

67. Activate Window Demanding Attention

68. Want to pay attention.

69. The wound craved attention.

70. ▪ Pay close attention

71. P.a.: attention, all patrons.

72. You mustn't attract attention.

73. Attention on the rig.

74. Your attention, dear passengers.

75. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are probably the most well-known disorders with a strong component of altered Attention

76. Focused Attention is the brain's ability to concentrate its Attention on a target stimulus for any period of time.Focused Attention is a type of Attention that makes it possible to quickly detect relevant stimuli

77. Conspicuous: likely to attract attention

78. Confusion principle, Attention principle, Amphiboly

79. They listened with rapt Attention

80. The flames also receive attention.