won acclaim|win acclaim in English

eceived positive reviews, was praised

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1. Their recordings have won great acclaim .

2. Her performance won her much critical acclaim.

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4. Her latest novel has won great critical acclaim.

5. It is I who have won your acclaim!

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7. Angela Bassett has won critical acclaim for her excellent performance.

8. The film won critical acclaim for its searing look at immigrant life .

9. His film, Bandit Queen, won critical acclaim at the Cannes Festival in 1994.

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13. His Goatibex Constellation won him wide acclaim, when it appeared in 1966 in Novy mir.

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15. The novel received great acclaim.

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17. Acclaim definition is - applaud, praise

18. The performance received considerable acclaim.

19. But as they viciously attacked one another, Feingold aired clever and humorous ads that won wide acclaim.

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21. He was welcomed with great acclaim.

22. His discoveries earned him wide acclaim.

23. Applause definition is - marked commendation : acclaim

24. The people acclaim you as Doge!

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