willow|willows in English


[wil·low || 'wɪləʊ]

any of a number of deciduous trees having long flexible branches; cricket bat (made from the wood of a willow); machine with a spiked drum used for cleaning and loosening fibers (especially cotton and wool fibers)

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1. The willows had become angels bearing tidings from heaven. " The willow branches are swaying!

2. Willows have burgeoned forth.

3. Gentiana asclepiadea L.: Willow gentian absolute / Willow gentian extract/ Willow gentian tincture

4. Willows have burgeoned out.

5. This Willow pattern design compliments LJT177 Blackwork Willow pattern picture

6. I'am a willow catkin.

7. 2017 Bonesetter Shiraz, The Willows Vineyard, Australia $ 46.52

8. The odd willow.

9. Several branches of the willows drooped over the water.

10. MacAdams would let the bulrushes and willows grow.

11. I'm a willow catkin.

12. The Willows Banqueting hall is adaptable and flexible

13. LJT386 Blackwork Willow pattern design

14. Many trees bear Catkins, including willows, birches, and oaks

15. GLANT LAttice Fence Willow Expandable Plant Climbing LAttices Trellis Fence,Open Screen Willow Fencing,Willow Expandable Trellis Fence (1) 4.3 out of 5 stars

16. Corpses As Bedmates - Willow Tree

17. It contains many majestic old oaks and hoary willows.

18. It has willow-bark extract.

19. Reeds?Like pussy willow reeds?Really?

20. Online catalogue of ornamental grasses and willows from Bluestem Nursery

21. Bunchflower; Autumn willow; Ohio goldenrod; Conditions

22. They weave a basket out of osiers with pliant young willows.

23. Succession begins with the invasion of newly deposited alluvium by willows (Salix spp.) and develops through a willow–alder (Alnustenuifolia Nutt.) stage to forest stands of balsam poplar (Populusbalsamifera L.), followed by white spruce (Piceaglauca (Moench) Voss), and finally black spruce (Piceamariana (Mill.)

24. Would you like some willow water?

25. The forest is composed of alders, ash trees, willows and poplars.