was carried out|be carry out in English

was performed, was executed

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1. Infinitive: Carry out; Present Tense: Carry out/ Carries Out-ing Form: Carrying Out; Past Tense: Carried Out; Past Participle: Carried Out; Carry out is a separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions

2. Carry out synonyms, Carry out pronunciation, Carry out translation, English dictionary definition of Carry out

3. Carry out verb (Carry out, carried out, carrying out) go through verb (goes through, went through, going through) Did he go through with the treatment? 1; put through verb

4. Carry out (third-person singular simple present carries out, present participle carrying out, simple past and past participle carried out) (transitive) To hold while moving it out

5. Further, the way Jesus’ command was carried out should be considered.

6. The regulation was perfunctorily carried out.


8. The search was carried out systematically.

9. Ruthlessly, without exemption, this was carried out.

10. I was waiting to carry her out .

11. Add "or repair" before "can be carried out".

12. Marking must be carried out at the abattoir

13. The plot was discovered before it was carried out.

14. The scheme should be carried out right away.

15. A postmortem examination will be carried out today.

16. The new marine law will be carried out.

17. The doctor's instructions must be carried out strictly.

18. The massacre was carried out by enemy troops.

19. After telling Christians to carry on as men, what words does Paul add, and how can this exhortation be carried out?

20. The work was carried out at minimal cost.

21. A post-mortem examination was carried out yesterday.

22. The rescue was carried out smoothly and efficiently.

23. Trading was carried out under a barter system.

24. Urban planning was carried out by Ernest Hébrard.

25. The investigation was carried out with scrupulous fairness.