was born|be born in English

exited the womb, came into the world

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "was born|be born" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "was born|be born", or refer to the context using the word "was born|be born" in the English Dictionary.

1. Born again You’ll be Born again

2. Bornie Stensland (born Andersdatter) was born in 1784

3. I was born a fisherman, the fish was born a fish.

4. Mary Ann Brighting (born Blow) was born circa 1834

5. Mary Hall (born Byres) was born circa 1836, to Peter Byres and Jane Byres (born Taylor)

6. Violence Breeds violence la violence appelle la violence to be born and bred somewhere (=born and brought up) I was born and bred in Perth

7. 12 He was born to be a great composer.

8. Born synonyms, Born pronunciation, Born translation, English dictionary definition of Born

9. Margaret Acret (born Collins) was born circa 1834, at birth place

10. He was humbly born.

11. He was born perfect.

12. Ingebjorg Affraic Gudrodarson (born Haakonsdatter) was born circa 1099, at birth place

13.  · Benoite JACQUIER (born DUCREUX) was born in Calculated: 1578

14. Swedish - born Hollywood actress Greta Garbo was born on September 18 th.

15. Albion will never be born.

16. Born to be a chef.

17. 19 He was born disabled.

18. The New Disaster was born

19. I was born to perform.

20. I was born in Canada.

21. The child was born prematurely.

22. He was born circa 1600.

23. The Jaeger program was born.

24. He was a born sceptic.

25. A motivational speaker was born.