was all ears|be all ear in English

was listening carefully, was paying attentio

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1. Philip was all ears.

2. Please be all ears.

3. The ear-fastening rings are slidably adjustable so as to accommodate different ear sizes such that the ear bands can be hung on the ears and removed from the ears.

4. Microtia and Atresia may be unilateral (one ear) or bilateral (both ears)

5. Now children, I want you to be all ears in class.

6. All asses wag their ears.

7. 15 All asses wag their ears.

8. Everyone was all ears as soon as I mentioned a cash prize.

9. To modern ears, “Cruciferous” is all about vegetables

10. If anybody spoke of that grisly matter, I was all ears in a moment.

11. All sorts of strange sounds met the ear.

12. Synonyms for Abalones include molluscs, mollusks, ears, ormers, ear-shells, pawas, perlemoen, pawa, abalone and ear-shell

13. IDEAS Good listening Boosts kids’ literacy? We’re all ears

14. I will be all ears for people who have requests and feedback about absolutely anything.

15. They all listened to the storyteller with thirsty ears.

16. The rabbit looked all around, with its ears erect.

17. All her appeals for help fell on deaf ears.

18. As Beagles are prone to this ear problem, be sure to check and clean your Beagle's ears regularly

19. Or a cosy cuddle without all that ear-bashing.

20. 10 The voices buzzing all around echoed in her ears.

21. The children were all ears when Granny told them stories.

22. 17 The voices buzzing all around echoed in her ears.

23. All of you - walk around Pentonville and keep your ears open.

24. Press tacks, ear seeds and needles, all for use in acupuncture

25. Constricted ear, lop ear, and cup ear are often used interchangeably, as they are all characterized by a type of constriction of the upper third portion of the ear