warpath|warpaths in English


path leading to a battle or a warlike operation (originally said of the route taken by American Indian warriors on their way to war)

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1. With no job, no home and very few friends, the ever-resourceful and Conniving Mia is secretly on the warpath.

2. For trading, the Neutral people made a living by growing tobacco and hemp to trade with the Iroquois, utilizing animal paths or warpaths to travel and move goods across the state.

3. The Banner Saga centers on the return of the Dredge - a warlike race that despises humans - led by Bellower, a nigh invincible Dredge who leads them on a warpath.

4. Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "Belligerency"): warpath (hostile or belligerent mood) Derivation: belligerent (characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight) Sense 2

5. I look at my side view and I see what has to be a giant garbage truck that is just barreling towards us like it is on a warpath.

6. Belligerence: 1 n hostile or warlike attitude or nature Synonyms: Belligerency Types: warpath hostile or belligerent mood Type of: enmity , hostility , ill will the feeling of a hostile person n a natural disposition to be hostile Synonyms: aggressiveness , pugnacity Types: bellicoseness , bellicosity a natural disposition to fight truculence