warp|warps in English


[wɔrp /wɔːp]

curve developed in something that was originally straight, bending; contortion; lengthwise yarn in a loom; rope for towing a ship; mental aberration, perversion, distortio

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1. Machines for preparing for weaving, namely warp feed machines, warp knotting machines, warp welding machines, crossing machines

2. Warp 1, Sir.

3. That raised a question: warps and curves in what?

4. RAddles help keep a warp spread evenly as it is wound onto the warp beam

5. Mr. Sulu, ahead warp 1.

6. Warp factor 9 and accelerating.

7. Some woods warp under stress.

8. In theory, accelerating beyond warp ten.

9. We are secured for warp speed.

10. The warp and woof of sth.

11. In this regard, Peerless stated that viscose rayon warp fabrics are much stronger than acetate warp fabrics.

12. I need warp speed on that radio.

13. Warlock warp throw power cost increased to

14. The damp wood began to warp.

15. Nemesis emerges from the time warp.

16. Alcoholics’ and addicts’ perception of reality warps when their addiction fully develops

17. (2 Corinthians 11:3) Satan corrupts people’s minds and warps their thinking.

18. Bibio Sleep On The Wing Warp Records

19. Engineering manually dropped us out of warp, sir.

20. Think of the surface of a trampoline: it warps and stretches with gravity.

21. There is a warp in this record.

22. The shuttle causes a destabilized warp-field.

23. The Asymptotical World EP - Available Now on Warp Records

24. Perna, chief operating officer for Operation Warp Speed, Apologized …

25. Einstein had already used up space and time, warps and curves, to describe gravity.