thousand islands|thousand island in English


group of over 1500 islands along the Canadian-United States border (in Canada in southeast Ontario and in the US in northern New York State) in the St. Lawrence River at the outlet of Lake Ontario

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1. * Moreover, Job “came to have fourteen thousand sheep and six thousand camels and a thousand spans of cattle and a thousand she-asses.”

2. Forty thousand.

3. 137) one thousand and six Billionths 138) three hundred twenty thousand, fifty and nine hundred eighteen million, ten thousand, ninety-four Billionths 139) six thousand and ninety-five million, sixty thousand, thirty-eight Billionths 140) ten thousand, three hundred and eighty

4. It costs around a thousand euros to take a smuggler from Turkey to the Greek islands.

5. And Satan presented Thousand - Island Dressing, buttery croutons and garlic toast on the side.

6. A thousand electrodes.

7. In the year before Gould's arrival a thousand albatrosses were killed on Albatross Island alone.

8. Kingston is also the gateway to the Thousand Islands offering a mix of cultural and recreational activities.

9. Your DNA probably contains between 25 thousand and 40 thousand genes, while the DNA of a worm or a plant or a fruit fly contains about 12 thousand to 20 thousand genes.

10. Blue Spruce Barbets is a premier Barbet breeder in the Thousand Islands Region of New York State

11. In June 1898, nearly a thousand Spanish nationals left Olongapo and took refuge at Grande Island.

12. About Thousand Cankers Disease

13. Three hundred thousand miles?

14. Experts credit him with a successful counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq thousand seven and thousand eight.

15. Shrimp cocktail with thousand island dressing, rare roast beef, rustled sprouts, apple pie a la mode, ovaltine.

16. About once every thousand faces

17. The Soviets at first offered thirty-five thousand exit visas per year, then forty thousand.

18. Only about a thousand times.

19. Ninety- four thousand six hundred.

20. Three thousand men were enlisted.

21. Or needs a thousand bucks.

22. The impression revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is the average earnings per one thousand impressions.

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24. Twisted tail! A thousand eyes!

25. Ninety- nine thousand six hundred.