shapely|shapelier|shapeliest in English


['shape·ly || 'ʃeɪlɪ]

having an attractive shape, comely

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1. D. a shapely woman.

2. She is a shapely young woman.

3. It looked smooth, shapely and healthy.

4. She had long shapely legs.

5. She is tall, slim and shapely.

6. Perfect manicured fingernails, dark and shapely, ladylike.

7. Our shapely Billow Mirror does it with bold expressive style

8. The cedar was about five feet high and very shapely.

9. Thethe advantages of convenient use, time saving, shapely and novel appearance.

10. Her large shapely body seemed to relapse naturally into stillness.

11. Round about her shapely head A garland of dog-violet...meetly had she set.

12. 26 synonyms for Curvaceous: shapely, voluptuous, curvy, busty, well-rounded, buxom, full-figures

13. A small, shapely lump of granite, a little smaller than a hen's egg.

14. He gazed at her shapely legs, exposed as far as her thighs.

15. The green eyes and brown summer skin and slim legs and shapely little fingers.

16. She was wearing a tight red dress which showed off her shapely legs.

17. Certainly, the lean, shapely, muscular look of the bodybuilder's body is a psychological turn - on.

18. He has an average, shapely stature and he is such a brainy, excellent man.

19. Add to Likebox #60464883 - Close up photo of shapely womans Buttocks in color shorts

20. They were not particularly large or anything, but they were very shapely, cheeky almost.

21. As a tall, shapely girl Lucy became a favourite of maverick British designer Vivienne Westwood.

22. Her legs were strongly-muscled yet still quite shapely, her stomach flat, her shoulders smooth.

23. Some one, somewhere, figured out that a shapely, karate-dispensing ebony superwoman wouldn't be at all a bad idea.

24. CHILD LIFE IN TOWN AND COUNTRY ANATOLE FRANCE Haply her truant tresses mock Some Coronal of shapelier block, To wit, the bounding billy-cock

25. The porcelain is fashioned with carved moldings that elegantly frame the shapely cut of the basin.