shadowy|shadowier|shadowiest in English


['shad·ow·y || 'ʃædəʊɪ]

covered in shadow, protected from light; obscure, indistinct; resembling a shadow; casting a shadow, protecting from light

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1. Wondering, both Attermined inferentially blacken either maritime photophobia as several shadowiest

2. What about that shadowy place?

3. They Crouched together on a shadowy hillside

4. Someone was waiting in the shadowy doorway.

5. I saw a shadowy figure approaching.

6. Synonyms for Blurrier include fainter, unclearer, fuzzier, obscurer, shadowier, hazier, mistier, vaguer, dimmer and foggier

7. Beyond - the shadowy barn doors, closed.

8. Shadowy twilight never dimmed the brightness.

9. They are members of some shadowy extremist group.

10. The Doctor had wandered along a shadowy corridor.

11. She saw a shadowy figure through the blind.

12. I watched him from a shadowy corner.

13. They crouched together on a shadowy hillside.

14. Shadowy figures approached them out of the fog.

15. Towards the southeast, the boundaries are even more shadowy.

16. Synonyms for Blurriest include faintest, unclearest, fuzziest, obscurest, shadowiest, haziest, mistiest, vaguest, dimmest and foggiest

17. Shadowy figures have appeared and then quickly disappeared.

18. She spun around, searching the shadowy dark corridor.

19. Well, it really is but a shadowy supposition.

20. In all these transactions Balbinder seemed a shadowy figure.

21. They went out into the still, shadowy cloister garden.

22. Hurt by the words and curses of the shadowy folk

23. They made out a shadowy form in front of them.

24. The moon highlighted the shadowy forms of the hills.

25. 4 They are members of some shadowy extremist group.