shackle|shackled|shackles|shackling in English


[shack·le || 'ʃækl]

bind someone's hand or ankles with handcuffs, fetter, manacle

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1. Some sources informed me that Clevises had non-threaded clevis pins while shackles ALWAYS had threaded shackle pins although sufficient Googling appears to show both Clevises and shackles with threaded and non-threaded pins

2. Shackle them!

3. ‘I hung over the side of the pulpit and saw that the Bobstay chain was shackled to the end cap on the bowsprit, so I hunted up a wrench and another shackle.’

4. To lock: Close the shackle and scramble the shackle and scramble the dials.

5. They're shackling him and taking him into recovery.

6. Chain locks and shackles

7. Shackles and gang chains

8. "And come in shackles?

9. Power is the shackle to shackle itself while love is the emancipator to emancipate itself.

10. Untie those shackles

11. Every shackle will now break open

12. They are shackled by inherited convention.

13. She was shackled to a wall.Sentencedict

14. " Pulled his shackles apart "?

15. " And come in shackles?

16. She is opposed to shackling the press with privacy laws.

17. It's just a shackle for ourselves.

18. They are shackled by convention.

19. And tore off your shackles.

20. God’s justice should never be shackled by human tradition.

21. But why shackle yourself to that horror?

22. Everyone give me your shackles.

23. Put them all in shackles!

24. Shackles alone no longer offer fair deterrent.

25. Terminal may be hook link and shackle.