sf|s f in English

noun SF (science fiction)

fiction based on imaginary scientific developments and/or space travel

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1. Additionally, whole animal toxicity studies have further characterized the toxicity of S 2 F 10 and other SF 6 Byproducts

2. The tests results indicate that S 2 F 10 is more than 43 times more toxic to cell cultures than the other SF 6 Byproducts tested (SOF 2, SF 4, SOF 4, SiF , SO 2 F , SO , HF)

3. SF-5B Two-seat training version of the F-5B for the Spanish Air Force.

4. The word Blastoffs uses 9 letters: a, b, f, f, l, o, s, s, t

5. The word Affusions uses 9 letters: a, f, f, i, n, o, s, s, u

6. The word Brushoffs uses 9 letters: b, f, f, h, o, r, s, s, u

7. The word Afforests uses 9 letters: a, e, f, f, o, r, s, s, t

8. Suillus grevillei, S. cavipes. Fuscoboletinus aeruginascens, F. spectabilis, F. paluster, and F. grisellus.

9. The word Afflatuses uses 10 letters: a, a, e, f, f, l, s, s, t, u

10. The word Affectednesses uses 14 letters: a, c, d, e, e, e, e, f, f, n, s, s, s, t

11. The word Breadstuffs uses 11 letters: a, b, d, e, f, f, r, s, s, t, u

12. Thanks F( x )'s Nu ABO!

13. Autoclave Engineers high pressure fittings Series F and SF are the industry standard for pressures to 150000 psi (10342 bar)

14. Awning Supplies from S&F Supplies

15. The word Affrays uses 7 letters: a, a, f, f, r, s, y

16. The word Caitiffs uses 8 letters: a, c, f, f, i, i, s, t

17. The word Affiants uses 8 letters: a, a, f, f, i, n, s, t

18. The word Boffolas uses 8 letters: a, b, f, f, l, o, o, s

19. Abboten 1, Linköping‎ (3 F) Askeby gästgivaregård‎ (5 F) B Biskopsgården, Linköping‎ (3 F) Bjärka-Säby slott‎ (6 F) Brokinds slott‎ (5 F) D Domkyrkosysslomansgården‎ (1 F) E Ekenäs slott‎ (1 P, 23 F) F

20. N Assan, S Makuza, F Mhlanga, O Mabuku

21. PECH F - Philippe Morillon (ALDE/ADLE) Opinion(s):

22. The word Affiances uses 9 letters: a, a, c, e, f, f, i, n, s

23. The word Awfulnesses uses 11 letters: a, e, e, f, l, n, s, s, s, u, w

24. The word Boastfulnesses uses 14 letters: a, b, e, e, f, l, n, o, s, s, s, s, t, u

25. SF Apprehends illegal arms peddler