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making more expensive, making prices highe

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1. That's raising the price of employment.

2. Companies were accused of raising prices willy-nilly.

3. They capitalized on their success by raising prices.

4. The rise in energy prices has boosted measured inflation, raising concerns of a broader acceleration in price increases.

5. Prevent speculation and price raising during the Tết holiday;.

6. The shops are cashing in on temporary shortages by raising prices.

7. Hotels are ready to gouge Olympic visitors by raising room prices.

8. Trading in such contracts encourages hoarding, thereby raising prices, the politicians allege.

9. Unlike pre-velar raising, post-velar raising is highly recessive.

10. Chinese food prices rose 10.3 % in January , raising concerns about the economy overheating .

11. There is no objection, as far as we are concerned, in raising the prices.

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13. First of all, raising the price only can limited many persons living in penury.

14. 🔊 According to research, raising our prices is a Counterproductive measure that will reduce sales

15. 7 synonyms for Bloodcurdling: hair-raising, horrible, horrid, horrific, terrific, hair-raising, nightmarish

16. Jesus Raising Jairus’s Daughter

17. Raising number two scope.

18. " They're raising the boat. "

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21. • Raising chickens or selling eggs

22. Raising children is hard work.

23. Have you begun raising children?

24. A Brouhaha erupted on Twitter after the fast food chain announced that it was raising its prices

25. This method treats the storage activity as a factor for raising the prices of goods during storage.