raised his voice|raise his voice in English

increased the intensity of his voice, made his voice loude

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1. Jackson raised his voice a notch.

2. 11 Jehovah will raise his voice before his army,+ for his camp is very numerous.

3. Showing practical wisdom, Peter “stood up . . . and raised his voice.”

4. He raised his forefinger and beat the air oldly before his voice spoke.

5. His voice betrayed his nervousness.

6. His voice is harshness.

7. His voice was bantering.

8. His voice softened perceptibly.

9. His voice became gruff.

10. His voice rang raucously.

11. His voice dripped sarcasm.

12. His voice lowers confidentially.

13. He carefully modulated his voice.

14. His voice was barely audible.

15. His voice was coolly impersonal.

16. His voice rose in frustration.

17. His voice trembled with rage.

18. His voice sounded muffled up.

19. His voice sounded almost weary.

20. His voice was almost inaudible.

21. His voice was grimly determined.

22. His voice grew faintly suspicious.

23. His voice was strangely comforting.

24. His voice began to falter.

25. Emotion made his voice uneven.